DUNE Street Furniture System

by FERPECT Collective

In December 2010, Defacto, a public management group, issued a call for proposals for an innovative event titled ‘Public Health’. The event called for designers, creators and artists, to conceptualize the future street furniture of the first European business district. They requested designs that would be well out of traditional patterns and a force for innovation. Faced with the gigantic proportions of the site, FERPECT proposed to work on a “micro-architecture,” a system that would make a link between the different scales: the towers, the square and the pedestrians.

FERPECT ‘s proposal is an installation throughout the square, a series of “dunes” arranged in islets dotting the paths. The DUNE design provides places to rest and viewpoints in the large square space while also influencing the flow of pedestrian traffic. This design allows the site to accommodate street furniture while respecting the existing skyline.

 The project is designed on a principle of readily realizable and transportable modules, manufactured with recyclable materials (wood strapping and painted steel supports). These simple and affordable materials are familiar to users and relate to existing benches.

The video below (in french) shows the build and installation process.

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