Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

by the Architectural Collective – Exyzt

The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden was developed on the old Eastern Curve railway line which once linked Dalston Junction Station to the goods yard and the North London Line. The Garden was designed by the architectural collective Exyzt who also built last summer’s temporary Dalston Mill on the site. This year they returned to construct the spacious wooden garden pavilion which hosts events, workshops and gatherings.

The Garden includes large raised beds for growing food, which fill up fast with tomatoes, peppers and scented herbs, all grown by local residents. Wildlife-friendly trees and shrubs, including hazel, hawthorn and birch have been planted alongside butterfly bushes, bracken and other plants that were already growing on the derelict site.

Spotted via: irishboyinlondon, be sure to check out his post for much nicer photos!

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