One World Shelter

by University of Virginia’s Studio reCOVER (Din Botsford, Dolores O’Connor, and Lauren Shirley)

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) made major news with the Kony viral video which spread through social media like a wildfire earlier this year. However, long before this video created a stir, students from University of Virginia’s Studio reCOVER were looking at how architecture can serve the displaced Ugandan population.

LRA has terrorized northern Uganda for over 21 years, killing tens of thousands of people. Over 2 million Ugandans (1/12 of the population) have been displaced and are forced to live in IDP camps. Over 50,000 children have been reported to have been abducted by the LRA to be used as child soldiers and sex slaves. Refugees in Uganda include: 212,857 from Sudan, 20,584 from Congo, 20,213 from Rwanda.

 One World Shelter is a system that would enable people to achieve self-sufficiency by integrating basic amenities into their homes. Throughout the world refugees depend upon the government for, yet often live without, basic public resources such as access to water and sanitation facilities. One World Shelter’s objective is to introduce sustainable environmental and building technologies that support healthy and sanitary environments. Using these amenities entire communities can begin to improve their quality of life and flourish without dependency upon government resources.

One World Shelter is a core living unit that can be easily shipped and assembled as one functional unit that provides occupants’ their basic needs. This core unit collects, purifies, and stores rainwater, while also making water accessible for cooking and bathing. The unit incorporates a roof-top solar cooker and provides specific spaces for sleeping and gathering. This basic core unit sets up a foundation, structure, and roof system that occupants can add to using local resources and industry.

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